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Hi! Today we speak about the updates in a new Volkswagen Golf. The exterior-modifications include new bumbers with redesigned cooling openings in the lower part and optional full LED headlights. Look at the back of the car! New tail lights are also full LED, but they come as standard for every revised Golf. The top-of-the-range versions will have animated flowing indicators. Spectrum of assistant systems expanded with new Pedestrian Monitoring for Front Assist with City Emergency Braking. Also, we have Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function. And Lane Assist provides adaptive lane guidance even at speeds of below 60 km/h.

About the engines. Newcomer is 1.5 TSI Evo with 150 horse power and maximum torque of 250 Nm. The 7-speed DSG-transmission replace all of the 6-speed DSGs used in the Golf to date. Most capable version is Golf GTI Performance with 245 horse power.

There are two main features in a refined interior. 1) a fully digital instrument cluster — they call it Active Info Display, and another highlight is advanced infotainment system Discover Pro. Both come as an option. Active Info Display incorporates 5 different information profiles. The functions of the Discover Pro are displayed in a large 9.2-inch touchscreen. As you can see on our video, the system is performed by gesture control. Oh… This feature is trully well made!

The new Volkswagen Golf The new Volkswagen Golf Variant Interior of the revised Volkswagen Golf

Date: 21.11.2016